Logo Designs


This logo was created for an X-Ray Technician Class. They wanted a ring on the hand because Roentgen’s first x-ray shows his wedding ring. They wanted to get these printed to raise money for their graduation. 

Sand Syndrome

Created a logo for a brand concept/start-up called Sand Syndrome. 

Pucker Urban Farm: 

Revised Pucker Urban Farm Logo. Created a round logo that allows the logo to be presented better on branding literature.

Mrs. Pucker’s Limon Mixer

This is a sub-brand of Pucker Urban Farm. The target audience for this logo is bars. This lemon mixer is to be mixed with drinks.

BioNan-X Medical

BioNan-X is a medical CBD line created by Integrated Healthcare Solutions.


Magnolia School District

Helped to re-brand Magnolia School District logo. Created new emblem logos for the district.


Created a logo for a mobile lab. Their programs plan was to bring a surgical lab to doctors for training and practice.

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