My Design Process

1. Receiving a Request


My process focuses on achieving your goals so that I can make your project a success. There are a million things to say about your project –

Filling out a questionnaire allows me to gain an understanding of your organization, the project you are approaching me for, and what you hope to achieve as a result of working with me.


Once I have considered the goals outlined in the questionnaire and have a clear understanding of the potential project. After I review your request, I will reach out to you by email to set-up an in-depth conversation this can be via phone, email, etc. – we will discuss what works for you and begin the discovery process.


Money is not a focus throughout the discovery process. I need to understand what the project will require and what value it will provide your organization before discussing a price.  It is possible that an initial price quote can be determined based on the questionnaire, but further consultation may be required.

2. Proposal and Agreement

After you and I have completed the discovery phase and have a clear understanding of the project, I will submit an estimate which goes over everything we discussed. The work I will do, the files you’ll receive, when you’ll get them and under what terms. We start as soon as I get the estimate back signed.

3. Design Process

  • Research
  • Sketching
  • Development
  • Final Review and Adjustments

4. Delivering the Final Concept

Once the concept is complete, I will send a detailed case study to you. This case study contains an overview of my design process for your project and discusses how the final solution accomplishes the goals we discussed in the discovery process. Once the final invoice has been paid, the deliverables (vector files and any exports) will be emailed to you.